prettiest eyes


The band crafts a completely menacing blues-based sound, attacking from all angles and firmly keeping their feet in the murky pools of psych and noise. Based in LA, the band operates as a three piece – Pachy takes care of the drumming and vocals. Marco plays bass and Paco plays keyboards, and both together provide backup singing. Their album packs a psychedelic punch like the best of their California-based brethren, elevating songs from wild to straight-up berserker status. The three-pronged vocal effort calls to mind Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys or even Hungry Gayze. The end result yields a nerve-racking blend of prismatic psychedelic punk, loaded with razor-sharp elements and buzzing keyboards processed through effect pedals for an excruciating crunch. Zac Camagna,


Vocals, Drums / Pachy
Keyboard / Paco Casanova
Bass / Marco


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by Prettiest Eyes

Album closer “Sorry” wraps us up tight in a mystifying cocoon of motorik twilight. The rhythmic synth buzzsaw is in full effect, grabbing us by the throat and never unhinging its mechanical jaw for nearly 5 minutes. The record closes out on a stormy sea of noise after challenging your ears one track at a time. When it’s all said and done, do you dare take another plunge right back into sonic oblivion?” Zac Camagna,