July 20 2018 at El Rey Theater

 Flyer by Christine Fraguela aka SUPERFLAMMABLE

Flyer by Christine Fraguela aka SUPERFLAMMABLE

Finally playing the legendary El Rey Theater in Los Angeles w/ US Girls. Tickets on sale now!

Live at Regent Theater w/ A Place to Bury Strangers & Sextile 6.9.2018

Pictures by David Fearn 



With a guitar-sounding keyboard, a vocalizing drummer and a growling bass, these “Mexican/Puerto Rican synth punks” gave us something like a trip hop lollipop with a grindcore center dipped in psych and wrapped in attitude. They’re making it all their own, and hey! they dug the ocean vibe too. Don’t forget to taste the unreleased track. February 2, 2018.


1. Sorry

2. Pools 5:55

3. Goodbye(unreleased) 9:55

4. Mira Nena 13:18

5. No Hands 16:43

6. Don’t Call 21:25


Producer - Anne Cook Switcher - Will Llewellyn Audio Engineer - Aaron Ballard Cameraman - Kevin Duffie Cameraman - Jeremy Solterbeck Photography - Rachel Escoto Social Media Coordinator - Marissa Flores

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