hitting the road <3

very exited to be touring the west coast in November with Campo-Formio <3 be sure to come out if you are in one of these cities.

11/8 - Continental Room, Fullerton w/ Wild Wing

11/9 - El Rio, SF w/ Pit Stains

11/11 - Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland w/ Marinero

11/13 - The Know, Portland w/ Bitch`n and Mascaras

11/14 - Victory Lounge, Seattle w/ Deep Channel

11/16 - The National Hotel, Nevada City

11/17 - Fresno TBA

11/18 - Slo Donut Co. San Luis Obispo w/ Bearcats and Royal Suns

11/19 - Non Plus Ultra, Los Angeles w/ Egrets On Ergot and Choreography

11/20 - San Diego, TBA